Career Spotlight: Sports Management

Last week, three Hawk Eye representatives attended the Career Spotlight: Sports Management presentation. The speaker for the career, Becky Luzier, gave great insight on the job, the requirements, and the ups and downs of the responsibilities.

Luzier is the owner of an English Bachelors Degree, and a Secondary Education and Higher Education Leadership Masters Degree.

Luzier got into Sports Management by putting herself out there and contacting schools and programs in the lacrosse department. As a former lacrosse player, she agreed to becoming a Bethel Park girls lacrosse coach.

Luzier is the owner of Winner’s Edge Lacrosse Program and the director of Intrepid Lacrosse. Luzier explained a typical day of a Sports Manager as a hard work day. She usually works at home, but also on the weekend. Also, travelling is a very big pro (and con) of the job. The job can vary tasks such as staying at South Pointe from 7 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon, to sitting at the computer answering hundreds of emails.

Luzier says that a good college for sports management is Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania.

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