Pittsburgh Penguins receiving second COVID-19 vaccine

Max Radcliffe, Staff Writer

The Pittsburgh Penguins will get their second vaccination shot after the NHL and NHLPA relax on COVID restrictions.

According to Penguins head coach Mike Sullivan, the team will get their second vaccine Saturday night.

Notable changes back towards normalcy will be visitations and player interactions. Some changes are players will now be able to visit with each other in restaurants, public spaces, and on the road and players will be able to visit teammates’ hotel rooms.

Masks will no longer be required in team meetings and players will be allowed to socially gather with other fully vaccinated individuals beyond the team traveling party.

At the beginning of the season, the Washington Capitals incurred penalties when Alex Ovechkin and several teammates gathered in a hotel room. Washington goalie Ilya Samsonov missed several weeks after testing positive.

The NHL statement says that all changes have been agreed upon by the League’s and the NHLPA’s medical advisors after extensive consultation with medical experts in both the United States and Canada.

Players will be considered “fully vaccinated” 14 days after their second vaccination. For the Penguins, that will be May 23. And the league says a “vaccinated team” means that more than 85% of the players and traveling party have been vaccinated.

“I can tell you, we will be well over the 85% threshold,” Sullivan said.

It is great to see things finally going somewhat back to normal to enjoy all of life’s pleasures.