Sports world takes huge blow due to coronavirus


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After news of Rudy Gobert, professional basketball player for the Utah Jazz, contracting the coronavirus, the NBA suspended the season.

Matthew Szymanowski, Deputy Sports Editor

Wednesday, the sports world was put on pause due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Early in the day, it was announced that the Seattle Mariners would have to postpone their first seven games at home due to the outbreak. Immediately following that, the Houston Astros followed suit.

Once the news was heard, the state of Ohio declared that all events in the month of March would be closed off to the public. This news was extremely important because that put a halt to fans attending Columbus Blue Jackets games, Cleveland Cavaliers games, and all March Madness games there.

After that, a huge change was dropped when the NCAA decided to ban all fans from events in the upcoming future. That includes the highly anticipated March Madness. As of right now, the games will still take place at their respectable locations, but there will not be fans in attendance.

As the night progressed, more meetings were held in sports to determine what each league would do with the outbreak.

Then, the huge news broke.

Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert was confirmed to have the coronavirus. The NBA immediately suspended the entire 2019-2020 NBA season.

This news has a major impact on the upcoming days as the NHL and MLB have similar upcoming meetings. Since the NBA has already canceled their season, it is likely that the NHL will do the same, and the MLB will postpone the beginning of their season.

Since athletes are getting sick now, and fans won’t be in attendance, the sports world may be coming to a halt within the next 36-48 hours.

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