Athlete of the Week: Jeremy Wodarek


Cameron Happe, Staff Writer

This week’s Athlete of the Week is senior Jeremy Wodarek. Woody, as he is called, participates in football, lacrosse, and track.

Jeremy started playing lacrosse six years ago and now plays midfield for BPHS. He was first introduced to lacrosse by his neighbor at a young age. He didn’t start playing until middle school because he didn’t want to quit playing baseball.

“Once I got tired of baseball I decided to try lacrosse, and I’m very happy I did.”

The senior joined track four years ago because he enjoyed running. Woody says he likes running fast against kids and his motto is “speed kills.”

Woody’s football career started twelve years ago and he has evolved into a varsity wide receiver.

He has committed to St. Vincent College to play football in the fall of 2017. There is a chance he will also participate in lacrosse or track at St. Vincent.

Wodarek’s advice to younger players is, “Always give 100% and have grit. Never double think yourself. Always do what your heart wants. And remember, speed kills, but strength punishes.”

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