Bethel Park moves to temporary online school

Schools remain closed indefinitely


John Allemang

The front entrance of Bethel Park High School under an afternoon sun.

Hunter Junazski, Staff Writer

With COVID-19 taking over the world, it has caused schools and essentially all public places to close down. Bethel Park School District, like many other schools across the United States, has decided to keep the system going with teachers posting work online.

Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania has announced that all Pennsylvania schools remain closed indefinitely. This causes some concern for the rest of the school year. It puts into question whether seniors will be able to finish off their senior year with all their closing events such as prom and graduation.

COVID-19 really made the School District have to decide what to do with grades for students with the end of the third grading period ending just after school was announced closed. What Bethel Park is doing is letting students make up work they did not get turned in in the week before the school closure and just essentially ending with the grade that the student had then. The third nine weeks ends on Thursday, April 9.

Now, for the fourth grading period, teachers will give work via Google Classroom and students will have a deadline by the end of the week to complete these assignments. Teachers will give work day-by-day with the work being the equivalent of a class period.

This now makes us all ask the question, will we ever make it back to school? Health experts have said they expect COVID-19 to reach its peak number at approximately the end of April. If this is true, then it does not look like classes will ever resume this year. Also, with Governor Wolf closing schools indefinitely, it appears as if the government is expecting the worst and as a precautionary measure will keep schools closed for the remainder of the year.

Bethel Park will continue its online school as life tries to be sustained during this COVID-19 outbreak. The government has prepared for the worst, but their main goal is to keep everyone safe during this dangerous time.

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