BPHS senior saves District money with cheap, portable radios


Vicki Flotta

Senior Blake Hagerty and Officer Kirsch pose with a Tytera MD-380

Stephanie Kroll, Managing Editor, Opinions Editor

BPHS senior Blake Hagerty recently saved the School District money by suggesting a cheap, alternative choice of portable two-way radios for our school’s police and resource officers to use.

The radio Hagerty suggested was a Tytera MD-380, which costs about $100 each.

Meanwhile, the District was going to buy a Motorola XPR-6550, which, according to Hagerty, could cost “over 5 grand” just for a few of them. The District was going to pay $3800 for four of these radios.

With those savings, the District was able to buy 20 more of those Tytera radios which are said to be distributed throughout the School District.

Hagerty, who’s been interested in radios and technology since 7th grade, said: “I did not have to look hard because I have the same radio at home. I know they work.”

With that being said, these radios are sure to be beneficial to the District just as Hagerty was when he recommended them.

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