Students still walk out on March 14


NIck Guimond

Students gather in silence around the flagpole in the front of the school on Wednesday, March 14.

Nick Guimond, Staff Writer

Despite the cancellation of the March 14 organized walkout due to inclement weather, upwards of 100 students walked out of the school and gathered around the flagpole in silence to commemorate the lives lost in the Parkland school shooting one month earlier.

For the full 17 minutes, a name was read every minute. The student body stood side-by-side outside even in the bitter cold to show support for the students and the desire for change.

While no disciplinary action will be enforced on students walking out, it remains to be decided whether or not students will be allowed to make up any work missed during the walkout. The school is checking with the district lawyer to see if the students are able to have full makeup privileges.

BPHS has postponed the organized walkout until April 20, which marks the 19th anniversary of the Columbine shooting.