Make someone’s Halloween “boo”tiful


Amber Schnupp, Staff Writer

Starting Oct. 18, you can buy a cookie to send to your boo!

NHS is selling cookies for $1 during the lunch periods from Oct. 18 through Oct. 27. You can purchase one and send them to anyone in the school. They will receive the cookies on Oct. 31, Halloween.

If you can’t get to them during the lunch periods, you can purchase one directly by sending a quick email to Mr. O’Brien.

If you choose to send one, your boo will be receiving a frosted sugar cookie from Bethel Bakery!

You can even leave a special message for your boo by attaching a note to the cookie!

The NHS is selling the cookies to help raise money for their members. This cookie gram sale will help fund things such as Glowfest, induction, service projects, and all of their other events.

So buying a cookie not only will make someone else very happy, but you are also directly supporting NHS and all of their great activities.

Don’t miss out on this Spooktacular sale!

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