Get your ’80s Dance tickets while they last!


Greydon Tomkowitz, Editor-In-Chief

Tickets for the 17th annual ’80s Dance are now available for $5 in Mr. Nagel’s room, 402.

The dance will be held in the cafeteria from 7-10 PM on Friday, May 5 and features a nonstop blast from the past with music from M.C. Readz, none other than the great Mr. Nagel himself.

When asked about the inspiration for the ’80s dance, Drama Club Sponsor, Mr. Nagel said, “Well originally we tried a 1700’s dance. Surprisingly, this theme failed miserably. The next logical step for a them was obviously the 1980s.”

The ’80s dance features the best music from the ’80s, as well as a costume competition for the attendees. Past winners include ET, The Breakfast Club, and The Ghostbusters.

When asked why he chose the ’80s as the theme for the dance, Mr. Nagel said, ” I graduated in the 80s, and I believe there is no greater decade of music than the 1980s: loud, raucous, nostalgic. The ’80s represents a significant historic period.”

Drama Club Vice President Leah DeJohn described the dance saying, “The ’80s dance is the dance I look forward to the most all year. It’s a really great time and there’s definitely never a dull moment!”

Attendees at the dance sport their best ’80s gear in attempts to win awards such as Best Costume, Best Group, Best Hair, etc. The recipients of these awards are decided by Drama Club Officers.

“The preparation for the dance is 24/7,” Mr. Nagel explained. “Selling tickets to the dance, perfecting the playlist… the decorations committee is working hard too. The trophies are currently being handcrafted. In fact I don’t even have time for this interview right now because there is so much to do for the dance.”

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