Status of the Glowfest Spotify Playlist

Cameron Happe, Staff Writer

BPHS’ big fundraiser for St. Jude’s is coming up on Saturday, Dec. 17. That’s right, folks, the annual NHS Glowfest dance has finally arrived.

The most important part of every school dance is the music. You gotta be able to get down to the music to have an enjoyable time, but this is hard to achieve with everyone’s different music tastes.

Many students have complained about how some DJs play the typical overplayed dubstep and rap songs for the entirety of the dance. For some people, that is their groove, but what about the kids who aren’t into the modern day rap and just want to jump around and scream the lyrics to their favorite pop song from 2009?

Well, thanks to Emily Wagner, who is the co-chair of the dance and induction committee, there is a way to satisfy everyone’s music needs.

“We made a Spotify playlist that was collaborative so anybody could add to it, and we tweeted out the link so that students could add songs they wanted to hear,” Wagner said.

The amount of time given to add to the playlist that was publicized on the Glowfest Twitter was two weeks. All songs were welcomed with open arms.

Sounds like a great idea, right? But since we are humans, we abuse our privileges out of selfishness.

Wagner checked the playlist daily to see what songs had been added and how many there were total. One day, she noticed something fishy.

When checking the total one night, approximately 130 songs were on the playlist. But when checked the next day, about 30 of them had been removed. This was not the only night this tragedy happened.

Wagner had added all of the songs they could remember back to the playlist that the rotten student had deleted. This proved to be pointless when they were deleted once again.

To resolve the problem, the playlist was made private. Students could no longer add songs or delete them. It is too late now to make changes to the music selection for Glowfest.

The most popular genre of music added to the playlist was rap. The most commonly deleted song was “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars.

Is Glowfest going to be boppin’ despite the playlist incident?

Wagner said, “Oh, it’s gonna be boppin’, I fixed the playlist, I added some nice dance songs… so, I’m excited!”

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