AP US Government & Politics offered as a new course for seniors

Joanna White, Staff Writer

A new class, AP US Government & Politics, is being offered to seniors.

In this new class, students will learn about “key political ideas, institutions, policies, interactions, and roles and behaviors that characterize the political culture of the United States” (BPHS Course Selection Guide).

The course, which will most likely be taught by Mr. Bouch, is a semester class. And any student taking this class shall receive half a credit, and will be required to take one of the three economic classes also being offered to earn that full credit. Since this class is an AP class, an A is a 5.0. However, the AP test at the end of the year is optional.

To be able to take this class, students must “Have your previous teacher’s recommendation, and [also] have an advanced score on the English Keystone,” Mr. Vic, Chair of the Social Studies Dept., said. Students must be advancing to their senior year as well.

Upon being asked about what attitude students should bring to this class, Mr. Vic responded: “Students should be willing to learn. [They] should be patient and respectful towards one another. ”

One might ask why is this new class an AP class; in response, Mr. Vic said: “When you have advanced classes offered, it causes the students to work more, along with raising the school. It also gives [students] another avenue.”

Finally, upon being asked why a student should take interest in this class, Mr. Vic replied: “It’s the direction in which our country is going to go. There are big problems in our country, just like every country, and I want our young people to be equipped to handle those problems. That is why I think this course will help.”

The course number is 137, so if you are interested, make sure you add the course to your schedule for next year.

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