BPHS adds pond to courtyard


The BPHS Pond, with its three-tiered design and waterfall, sports a variety of fish.

Molly McDowell, Staff Writer

Walking into the courtyard, one is immediately welcomed by the soothing sound of trickling water and the sight of a three-tiered pond, ornately decorated with pavers, rock, and foliage.

English and Theater Arts teacher Mr. Chris Nagel started the pond project on April 14. The project was officially completed on June 6.

He said that Dr. J has wanted a pond since we’ve moved into the new school a few years ago, and that’s what inspired him to build it.

Students from PACS, Drama Club, SGA, and Saturday detention helped with the project.

Nagel said that he worked on the pond during free periods, weekends, and after school, weather permitting.


Mr. Nagel breaks ground for the new BPHS pond.

There are two areas of the pond, one being the pond itself, and the other being a turtle pen.

The turtles were donated by Mr. Nagel as a thank you gift to Dr. J and the school for entrusting him to take on the project. Their names are Horace and  June, and they have a daughter named Scout.

The pond also has a variety of fish.

When asked if there were going to be anymore animals added, he said that he wanted some chickens.

Mr. Nagel wants to add on to the courtyard by planting flowers and vegetables, and he wants to hold movie nights for students, while also holding other activities, such as the upcoming RISE event being held on Sunday, Oct. 11.

The point of RISE is to help kids boost their self-esteem, and to help empower them and feel good about themselves. The event will start at 1:00 p.m. and end at 3:00 p.m.

People have actually compared the pond to the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and even the Great Lakes. As of now, there are no plans for a dedication ceremony, as people are celebrating the pond on their own.

The Turtle Pen contains three turtles, as well as a frog, and some small fish.
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