The election is as tight as ever

Dan Del Bene , Staff Writer

As some people projected this presidential election would be close, other polls and or news stations believed Biden would cruise to victory. Currently, it is the morning of Nov. 3 and we are still without a clear winner.

For the last few months, many people believed the election wouldn’t be very close as Biden was leading in the polls as much as 5-10 percentage points in major swing states.

Going into the night, the Trump campaign knew they would need to perform well in swing states, as the route to the White House would be much harder for him to collect 270 electoral college votes than opponent Joe Biden.

As the counting began last night, states were going back and forth as Biden led big in Ohio, North Carolina, and Texas early. All these pivotal states Trump would need to win. Slowly but surely as votes poured in these battleground states came close and closer.

Trump would take Florida by a pretty large margin surprising a lot of people as Florida is usually extremely tight. He also won the state of Texas which was closer than usual.

Biden obtained many of the states he was projected to win in without surprises like California, Oregon, and Virginia. Joe was also able to grab the state of Arizona which was formerly won by the president back in 2016.

It is interesting to watch many states start to switch parties as the years go, with changing ethnicities and diversity evident in these key shifting states like Florida, Texas, and Arizona.

Right now at this moment, ballets are still being counted and many states are still way too close to call. Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and North Carolina will ultimately decide the fate of the election. We might not know the winner for many more days because of the extremely large numbers of mail-in votes in the key states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia.