Ukrainian riots turning into an all out war

Michael Musciano, Staff Writer

Just in the past two weeks, over 30 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed by rebels. The Ukraine is on the brink of an all out war, and it isn’t looking good for the government. Rebels have captured military grade rifles, rocket launchers, and many other weapons from raids they have performed.

On Thursday, May 29, a military helicopter was shot down by rebels armed with a rocket- propelled grenade launcher that the rebels stole from a raid last week on a military checkpoint. Over 14 were killed in the attack, and Ukrainian leaders are outraged.

The rebels have also captured four European tourists and are holding them as prisoners. According to CNN, a rebel leader named Vyacheslav Ponomarev said: “They were detained because they didn’t respect my request. I asked them not to leave Donetsk. They decided they were smarter and could come here.”

The rebels have taken their actions too far to turn back now. They are now disrupting the peace with other countries by holding European tourists hostage. The rebels have crossed the line and a war is eminent.

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