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Waverly Shiff, Staff Writer

If you were ever walking in the halls and saw a lengthy chick with long, wavy blonde hair and hippie-like style, then you just passed one of the newest additions to the high school, Waverly Shiff, a 9th grader.

Not only is Waverly focused on maintaining her bohemian, yet athletic style, but she is also concentrated on keeping up with her favorite hobbies such as playing soccer, doing gymnastics, and even doing cross-fit!

Her love for those sports contributes to her future goal of being a fitness motivator when she gets older. But when she is off the mat and out of the gym, she enjoys writing.

The reason for that might be because of her favorite teacher Mrs. Williams, previously known as Ms. False, and how she, "is sweet but gets to the point, and smells like cupcakes."

And her love for writing has brought her into the wonderful class of Scholastic Journalism, where Waverly just hopes to have a good time writing and doing what she enjoys.


Written by: Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

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Waverly Shiff