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Jayden Harris

Jayden Harris, Staff Writer

You might've seen her flying through the open skies above Bethel Park, tumbling and twirling and-- no, not really. If she could have any superpower, though, it would be the ability to fly. Close enough.

This is freshman Jayden Harris. She's a kind, intelligent, and hardworking girl who is, thus far, enjoying her first year of high school here at BPHS. When asked about her favorite class, she answered by saying that she's not yet sure.

However, two exciting electives that she's taking are Prenatal and Survival in the Kitchen (and of course Journalism), the former focusing on "working with and becoming knowledgeable of  the young child" and the latter honing in on "working safely in the kitchen, planning and preparing meals and making informed decisions when purchasing foods," according to the BPHS Course Selection Guide. She also plans on joining FCCLA, the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Club.

But what about Journalism? Why did Jayden decide to become a part of this class? Her response to this question: "Why not?" Good answer.

Now that we know a little bit more about Jayden's high school life, the question must be asked: What does she enjoy doing when she's not at school? For one thing, she loves cheerleading, and she's taking the time this year to really focus in on tumbling. She also enjoys relaxing at home whilst happily watching Riverdale, a Netflix original series following the lives of Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, and others in their town, as well.

Jayden's favorite food? She has two. One is sushi, non-raw, and the other is just about anything authentically Spanish.

As for her future plans, Jayden says that she'd like to do something with teenagers. She understands that a career like this is difficult at times, yes, but what job isn't? Besides, she seems to be more than capable.

In conclusion, Jayden Harris is a smart, genuine, and caring young person who seems excited to share her stories with the students here at BPHS. That being said, be sure to take some time to read her articles this year! You won't regret it.


Written by: Morgan McGrath, Staff Writer

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Jayden Harris