Teachers talk: What makes a good student, teacher, and principal?

Waverly Shiff, Staff Writer

I asked a few teachers what their opinion was about the kind of specific characteristics they thought made up a good student, teacher, and a principal. Teachers Mr. Johns and Mr. Fink both came up with several ways they thought satisfied these positions to the fullest.

“Strong work effort, curiosity, being quiet, and being attentive,” replied Mr. Johns, after being asked what he’s seen over the past years in his classes for what actually makes up a good student.

Mr. Johns said that being helpful to teachers, along with being feared by the students and being fair is what he thinks makes for a successful principal.

In order to be a well liked and great teacher, he suggests that having life-long lessons, being relatable, and caring solves for a good teacher. In other words, “be like Mr. Johns.”

Mr. Fink gets right down to the point about what his top five characteristics should be in students, teachers, and principals.

Putting in a lot of effort plays into all three of these jobs and roles, and that is what Mr. Fink thinks is the most vital. Commitment in each of the students, teachers, and principals and having the right positive attitude are just as important as putting in effort

Last but not least, Mr. Fink shares with us that loyalty and having a vast sense of humor all contribute into what he thinks makes up a good student along with teachers and principals.

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