Restaurant Review: Cafe Tu Tu Tango is as funky as its name

Waverly Shiff, Staff Writer

First things first, no matter how weird this restaurant review may sound, I extremely and highly recommend to check this place out if you are one of those people who are really into trying new and weird types of food combinations.

Even just looking at the name of this restaurant, one could easily assume how funky this place has to be. Anywhere from art to food to dancing and music, Cafe Tu Tu Tango is a memorable place that creates a funky and unique vibe all throughout this twisted restaurant.

As soon as you walk in the door, paintings and drawings pop out from every angle you look at with welcoming laughs and smiles from all around you. Even when you are seated, the fun doesn’t stop there.

Detailed work in every inch in this restaurant is cleared to perfection so looking around the room never gets old. Not only that but while you are eating, dancers come out and entertain you just to add more to the funky vibe that’s already there.

The food there is not only just “good,” but unbelievable and outstanding because there are so many options from different types of meat like alligator to steak. They will make the most original foods into the most craziest thing you have ever tasted.

Feeling dessert later? Yes, there’s such a thing as banana ice cream pizza and it is the bomb.

Go to Cafe Tu Tu Tango down in Orlando, Florida and I can guarantee you’ll leave there that day with an unforgettable and exciting experience to take home with you.

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