Joyner Lucas: an artist who raps about real topics

Waverly Shiff, Staff Writer

A couple of Joyner Lucas’ songs went completely viral because of how deep the lyrics and time he put into them. In these music videos, it talks about real life situations and emotions. He raps in such a way that it is clear he didn’t make these songs just for fame, but to get a point across about things that are super controversial in society today.

Some of these topics are very hard to talk about especially without any arguments, disagreements, or protests. The reason for this is because people are sensitive about different topics whether that would be religion, racism, Trump, marriage, etc. The list could go on and on but in Lucas’ two songs “I’m Sorry” and “I’m Not Racist,” they focus mainly on how people really feel on the inside and the different sides of the story between the two races.

Personally, I think in today’s world we need more people like Joyner Lucas who talk real even if people disagree or have different thoughts on it. Most singers or rappers now are in it for the fame, sometimes without even knowing, and I really think Joyner is trying to mess with the audience’s emotions.

For example, whether you agree with what he’s saying or not, Joyner talks about the different lifestyles of whites and blacks and how each side has a different, just as raw, story. In one of his songs “I’m Not Racist,” he says “…It’s like we livin’ in the same buildin’ but splittin’ the both sides. I’m not racist. But there’s two sides to every story and now you know mine.”

Also, he talks about understanding and how that’s what everyone needs and learn how to understand people truly more. “I’m hopin’ maybe we can come to an understandin.’ Agree to disagree, we could have an understandin’.” I think this is super cool because there’s nothing added or fake to the lyrics to try to create a cover for how people are really feeling; it’s flat out raw and that’s exactly why I like these couple of music videos he produced.

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