Ways Bethel Park is unique

Waverly Shiff, Staff Writer

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There are countless ways I can come up with how Bethel Park is unique, starting with the schools. When I was growing up, I was always scared I wouldn’t know something and then be behind everyone else in all of my classes. Little did I know, the teachers at my elementary and middle schools, for the most part, were not only super helpful but they also reached out to me as much as they could in class.

Back then I clearly remember if I was confused about something they were teaching, the teacher would always walk around the room, stop, and gladly take the rest of the class period to help me with even just learning to understand a simple concept. Even though I was, and still am, a slow learner, I did well in school because I got that very much needed extra help from my teachers and partly my classmates too.

The schools themselves are also well run not only with the schedules but with any organization that comes up. For example, currently in Bethel Park, there is a Glow Fest dance for the students just to have a fun time, like a lot of other activities throughout the year, and the ticket money helps the school in many ways.

Another way Bethel Park is unique is because of the sports, the types of classes, and even any electives that Bethel has to offer. Most people who have been going to public school their entire life don’t usually see how many opportunities of being able to choose what classes and electives there are. I had been at a private school for three years before and there is a much more limited range of choices in private school, so public has more freedom of being able to pick classes.

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