BPHS Course Review Series: Environmental Science Edition

Looking for a fun science class that is hands-on and can provide you with relevant knowledge in our current society? Well, BPHS offers the perfect class for you!

Environmental Science is a course that can be taken in an honors or regular format and is taught by Mr. Mickey and Mr. Johns.

Usually taken during one’s junior or senior year, this course offers a less math-oriented and more hands-on approach to the field of science.

There are countless experiments that are conducted in this class, and each of them is fun and interesting in its own way.

Students complete two big projects in this class.

Firstly, earlier in the year, students will have to find over a thousand different gummy bears in the long grass by Purkey Field. This is to learn about animal diversity and how different populations affect our environment.

Though it is a difficult task, since gummy bears are so small, it is a great way to accurately demonstrate how to monitor animal populations in the real world.

Senior Meghan Krapp said: “It was one of my favorite experiments we did all year! It was super interactive and engaging and allowed my group to really understand the subject more than we did before.”

Additionally, in the last semester of the year, the course becomes more focused on the water sources in our community.

During this, students will learn about hydropower, water filtration, water flow, and the organisms that live in creek/freshwater environments. 

There are even multiple field trips in which students can volunteer to go with Mr. Mickey and Mr. Johns to different creeks in our area and collect samples. 

Don’t worry, even if you are unable to make it to the field trips, you will still have a role in the project. After every trip, samples of creek water are taken back to the classroom for students to examine. 

Students find all kinds of living organisms each year! From fish to bugs, to different plant life, it is extremely interesting to collect the data provided during this.

Junior Camryn Priddy said: “I loved looking at all of the different insects I found in the water. Though I was a little intimidated by the fact that these organisms were alive, I ended up getting used to it and having the best time I’ve  had all year!”

Also, students measure the pollution level in each creek and familiarize themselves with ways to keep our world clean. This is especially important to learn in today’s society with climate change.

All in all, Environmental Science is definitely a unique and popular course that you should consider! Many students have a lot of fun with it and learn a lot about the world that we live in.