A ghost was spotted in BPHS?


Photo credit: Zoe Zilcosky

A picture at Goofy Awards depicts a “ghost” walking toward the auditorium stage.

Zoe Zilcosky, Staff Writer

Recently, a picture has surfaced from the Goofy Awards on Mar. 22 of a weird figure in the auditorium. What was just an accidental picture turned into a true controversy. Is there a ghost in BPHS?

The picture depicts a blurry figure walking towards the stage. I sat down with a witness, Emily Wagner, to discuss what she saw.

Is that you in the picture with the white sweatshirt?

“Yes it is.”

Do you recall seeing anything unusual walking towards the stage?

“No, but I felt a presence… like something was there, I just couldn’t see it.”

What do you believe the figure in this picture is?

“It’s gotta be the ghost of BPHS.”

Now it’s up for you to decide. Do you believe BPHS is haunted?

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