Album Review: Ray Goren’s ‘Songs For You’

Joanna White, Staff Writer

In the recent years with the influences of the Internet, talented people from all over the world now have a chance of becoming famous. This can also be said about Ray Goren.

Ray Goren is a 15-year-old artist who is blessed with the ability to to play multiple instruments, write his own music, and sing with a voice that would put many famous singers to shame.

Now, regarding his new Album “Songs For You,” I absolutely loved the songs. I found each song to be memorable and very lively. There were many times I would want to get up and dance while listening to the album.

My favorite songs would be “Song for Me” and “Those Days.” Concerning “Song For Me,” I really liked how well the music was able to complement Goren’s voice so perfectly, while giving a nice melody to listen along to. I enjoyed listening to the song.

Ray Goren has created a group of pieces that are quite unique in comparison to the majority of music created today. That is a good thing, and with that in mind, I wholeheartedly recommend you buy his upcoming CD Songs For You. I can assure you, that you will not be disappointed.

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