Music Review of the Week-Twenty One Pilots’ “Trench”

Erin Dublin, Staff Writer

After not releasing an album for three years, TOP is back at it again with another great album. The album consists of 14 songs each differing from each other.

The most popular song on the album is “Jumpsuit.” Lead singer Tyler Joseph made the song to feed off of a song from their last album Blurryface. The new album was released on October 5 and it’s already been #1 on the US iTunes Chart.

This album is one of the best they’ve released so far. They cover such a platform with their music, it’s astonishing. They touch on so many topics that are needed to be talked about in this day and age like abuse, suicide, and other sensitive topics. As such, TOP is mainly targeted towards teens.

The songs they’ve been making have been tied together in subtle ways through some lyrics but mostly in the music videos. For instance, in “Jumpsuit,” we’re introduced to a fictional evil town of DEMA and Tyler Joseph’s alter ego called Clancy.

This song directly correlates to another song on the album “Nico and the Niners.”  In “Nico and the Niners,” they talk about the jumpsuit and DEMA. But in the video, they show a recurring cult along with the vulture from the cover of the album.

The last song that directly goes into the connection is “Levitate.” On the album, “Levitate” is directly after “Jumpsuit,” and it feels like the same song, as if they just added two minutes to “Jumpsuit.”

Overall, “Trench” is one of the best albums of 2018 and one of the best TOP albums. 

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