BPHS alum give some college advice


Heyyyyyy Hawk Fans!

It is your favorite Hawk Eye writers from the 2015 school year, Kaitlyn, Krista, and Taylor. We are hoping you are all having a great school year.

Now, we all know it is that time of year when seniors start stressing out about what they are going to do with the rest of their lives. Well, have no fear! Your favorite BP alums are here to help!

Many high school graduates can tell you that picking a college is not an easy choice. There are a plethora of schools to choose from and a lot to consider. Do you want to attend a large or small university? A private school or public school? What’s it going to be like living without mom’s cooking? What will you do without your best friend by your side?

We are going to answer some questions for you that we wish we would have known the answers to when we were in your shoes a year ago!

What is the scariest part of the transition from high school to college?

Kaitlyn: I had no idea how the academics were going to be when I arrived. I knew that the academics from high school to college were going to be different, but I was really nervous that I was not going to be prepared for the rigorous curriculum. After completing a semester at college, I know that having good time management skills and study groups are really helpful.

Krista: Being away from my dog. Okay, really. It was just weird being away from all of my friends and all of the familiarity of Bethel Park, but now that I’m used to everything at Ohio State, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else without my new friends, my amazing clubs, and my beautiful campus. It is also weird to be in a huge lecture hall with hundreds of other students and the teacher never knowing your name. But it’s really not as bad as I thought, and it’s easy to find study groups and make friends! And teachers have office hours where they will get to know you and further explain anything you don’t understand, so I definitely take advantage of that.

Taylor: Definitely not recognizing every person I see! In high school, even if I didn’t talk to a person, I still knew who they were. In college, walking into a classroom knowing nobody can be intimidating; there are so many people, it’s nearly impossible to know everyone! Just remember, everyone is in the same situation as you are, so it’s super easy to make friends in your classes! I still miss spending every afternoon with Krista and Kaitlyn though…

What is a common misconception about college?

Kaitlyn: That you have more free time on your hands. Although you are in class for about only 15 or 16 hours a week, there is much more homework. You also want to be involved on campus, so you can spend a lot of time at meetings or practices. And you want to be social and hang out with your new friends. And watch Netflix. Time goes by a lot quicker in college than it did in high school, so use it wisely. It is important to have good time management skills.

Krista: At a school with 60,000 other students, people will say you are just a number. But I’ve gotten so involved and had so many incredible experiences and met some amazing people, that I know I am making an impact and I’m not just passing through my classes to get a degree. There’s so many more opportunities and experiences in college than you could ever imagine in high school, and it’s so easy to take advantage of them if you look for them. Make sure to get involved early on because you will be happy that you did. Also, everyone says you’ll get no sleep in college, but I get more sleep than I ever did in high school by not waking up at 6 a.m., soooo…

Taylor: That every class is just a lecture with a test after a few weeks. While some classes are like this, most that I had in my first semester were a mix of lectures, group activities, and projects.

What is your favorite and least favorite part about leaving high school and going to college?

Kaitlyn: My favorite part was to start a new chapter in my life. I was going into college with a major that I love, so I was actually really excited to start classes. It is also awesome to meet new friends from all around the country and even the world. And it was really fun to make dorm room decorations. I was sad to leave high school because I miss seeing my friends and visiting teachers every day and the environment of BPHS.

Krista: My favorite part of college is not starting classes until 11:30 a.m. some days. I get so much sleep and there’s always food readily available at any point in your day. It’s magical. My least favorite part is being away from Kaitlyn and Taylor. And walking to class alone is sad when you’re used to being Taylor’s shadow and going everywhere together. (Also missing my favorite teachers too, I got too attached, sorry Mr. Qualk and my other favorites.)

Taylor: My favorite part about leaving high school was being able to spread out my classes a bit. Nine classes in one day can be a bit overwhelming, so only having five last semester was super refreshing. On the other hand, I miss seeing familiar faces every day and seeing my favorite teachers all the time (@Mr Qualk).

Best piece of advice for graduating seniors?

Kaitlyn: Enjoy being in high school while you can! I LOVE college, but there are days where I wish I could walk through the halls at BPHS again. Go to sporting events, musicals, prom, everything! And tell your parents thank you for everything they do to help.

Krista: Enjoy free laundry and good food while you can. (Although there is free ice cream.) Also, get all of the free things every chance you have. And Facetime will become your new best friend in college, so spend time around all of your friends at home and appreciate being able to see them every day at school. And hug your dog. A lot. You’ll miss him when you’re 3 hours away.

Taylor: Make the most of your senior year and don’t take things too seriously. Everything will work out once you get to college so don’t stress about it now. Enjoy your time with your friends and go to all the school sponsored events because those will become some of your best memories from high school.

What do you miss most about BPHS?

Kaitlyn: I miss being a bethette!! And all of the fun fundraisers Ways and Means planned like Man of the Year and Goofy Awards. And going to school with my twin sister.

Krista: I miss how personable the teachers at BPHS are; they really care and reached out to their students. It’s hard in college because you’re responsible for taking the initiative to get to know people. It’s up to you if you decide to reach out to others and get involved in college. Not being in a familiar environment can be scary, but it’s all worth it when you think about how incredible your college experience is going to be as a whole, just like high school was when you look back on all of the memories. (Even if you don’t believe me saying that now.)

Taylor: I miss the yearbook homeroom and seeing my best friends every day! I miss having amazing teachers and being a part of so many awesome clubs. Most of all, I miss having fiestas in spanish class (shout out to Señora Jordan’s guacamole).

In high school, us three were all really great friends, and now that we are in college, we still are! We all attend three completely different schools and are enjoying the experience.

Pick the school that is the perfect fit for YOU. Take advantage of all of the scholarships available, go on last minute college tours, and make a decision. You all have a lot to look forward to, but remember to enjoy senior year and your days at BPHS because you really will miss them.

Have a Bethelicious day!

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