Student Art of the Week: Simple spray paint


Amber Schnupp, Staff Writer

Mr. Wallisch has come up with an art project that captures things like problem solving in the work of his Art 2 students.

After seeing a documentary on the artist Bansky on Netflix, Mr. Wallisch was inspired to make a new art project for his students, using cardboard, only three colors, the positive or negative of an image, and shadows.

According to Mr. Wallisch, he wanted the focus to be the positive and negative.

He said, “It is a current form of art to work with. It’s problem solving with art.”

Students loved working for two weeks making these urban art works. The students used spray paint and some airbrush to make these pieces.

Though, you could make it at home using whatever you wanted to.

Mr. Wallisch even had a few ideas for making these works of art, such as: shirts, more than one art piece, or anything someone could find that works for the artist.

“No matter how many times I explained, the only way they understood was by doing it,” Mr. Wallisch said when asked about the teaching of this project.

He even made two himself. A vintage clown and big foot.

He said, “They really are fun to do.”

Art is always changing and evolving, and so will the work students are doing with it.

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