Student Art of the Week: Dakota Leavor’s eerie portrait of Wolf Predator


Dakota Leavor

Dakota Leavor’s sinister work of art

Dakota Leavor is a sophomore at BPHS, and she made Wolf Predator on her own time.

What inspired this piece? I was inspired because I love the “Predator” movies and wanted to draw one.

How long did it take to complete this? I got it done over a span of a few days, maybe 8-9 hours in all.

What materials did you use to make this? Prismacolor colored pencils and a white gel pen

How many art classes have you taken in high school? I’ve taken two: Digital Art 1 & 2 and Art 1

Do you make art in your free time/out of school? All of the time, yes

How important do you think art is for society? I think art is super important to society; it lets us express ourselves

What artists are you most inspired by? Definitely Andy Warhol. I went to the Andy Warhol Museum once when I was 12 and I saw how he expressed himself. That got me back into drawing again and that motivation made me have the talent I have today.

How do you stay creative? I am just motivated because drawing makes me happy and I love expressing myself

Do you plan to do anything art related after you graduate? Yes, most likely

Do you have any social media accounts to showcase your art? Yeah, my Instagram is @dakoraalienarts