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Morgan McGrath
Morgan McGrath--a sophomore at heart, as that was her favorite year of school--is currently a senior at BPHS. Morgan participates in many school activities such as writing for the Hawk Eye and playing the saxophone in the marching band.

Like most teenagers, she enjoys watching Netflix after school. One of her favorite shows right now is The Office.

But you can't forget about listening to some music and scrolling through her phone. Morgan loves all kinds of music. She is particularly fond of pop and 80's music.

Eventually, she makes her way to doing homework at around 5 o'clock.

On a more serious note, Morgan works as a cashier at a local hardware store, but she definitely won't stop there.

Morgan plans to pursue a career in communications and multimedia after high school. But for now she will be focusing on her senior year.

English is one of Morgan's favorite classes. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Casagranda.

Another class she will be focusing on is Journalism. Morgan took this class to explore new kinds of writing, broadening her horizons you could say, as she already took both creative Writing 1 and 2. She also wants to be able to share news with her school as a writer for the BPHS Hawk Eye.

Written by: Jayden Harris, Staff Writer

Morgan McGrath, Staff Writer

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