Soothing Song Sunday: “All Over Now” by Eric Hutchinson

Morgan McGrath, Staff Writer

Lebanese writer Kahlil Gibran once said, “Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.”

Music truly has the power, so it seems, to transport us, as human beings, into a new and different world. That being mentioned, this week’s Soothing Song Sunday highlights the peace and tranquility in which music can bring us all.

The special song this week, “All Over Now” by Eric Hutchinson, beautifully features the simplicity of a man and his guitar. The lyrics tell a tale of moving on through repeating the following lines: “It’s all over now… it’s no longer fun, and it’s all been overdone, so it’s all over now.”

Hutchinson, 37, uses the power of words to speak soulful stories in his songs. “All Over Now” is a perfect example of this; the meaningful melody expresses the courage that it takes to walk away from a stressful life situation.

Arguably one of the song’s most powerful lines is simple yet sincere. Hutchinson sings, “Will I simply peel away? Feels more likely every day. Say that something’s gonna give, and it’s all giving out on you…”

Of course, this playful piece of music is a terrific tune for any day of the week! Why not take the time to listen? You might just be splendidly surprised.



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