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Tommy DiRienzo

Tommy DiRienzo, Staff Writer

Tommy DiRienzo, a BPHS senior, will be your starting shooter this upcoming basketball season for the third year in a row. If you don't see him playing hoops, you'll be seeing him looking for a good story to write.

Tommy is known for eating a lot of food.  Sometimes you can see him eating two lunches in the cafeteria. On a hot summer day, he likes to sit outside and eat a good cheeseburger. He maybe takes a dip in the pool if he's feeling risky.

Tom spends most of his days shooting some hoops, but when he's not, you might see him hitting the links. He likes to call himself "Tiger Woods."

You could also see him checking up on this fantasy football team.

"I am a little weak on the running back side, but I think my receivers can carry me all the way," said Tommy about his football team.

Some fun facts about your starting shooting guard that you might have not known are that he has had eye surgery twice. Also, he wears a size 14 in men's shoes.

When you see Tom in the hall make, sure you give him a high five. He loves meeting new friends every day. He's just that kind of guy.


Written by: Olivia Westphal, Staff Writer

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Tommy DiRienzo