Students share thoughts on fourth quarter at-home learning

Tommy DiRienzo, Staff Writer

Ever since Pennsylvania closed their schools for the remainder of the academic year, BPHS, along with schools all over the state, have been sending out assignments online.

While it is nice to do your assignments in the comfort of your home, some students would rather be back at school.

One of those students who would rather be back in school is senior Parker Loera.

“Being a senior you start to hit that phase late in the year where it’s the prime of senior year where prom and graduation are. I would love to be back in school right now and be with my best friends,” Loera said.

The Bethel Park Continuity of Education Plan will continue until the end of the school year.

Every Friday, BPHS teachers are sending out assignments to their students and the work is due the following Thursday.

The assignments are mandatory for students to complete. If students decide to not turn in their work, they will not receive credit for the course.

If a student completes 75-100% of their assignments, they receive an A (95%).

If 60-74% of their work gets done, they will get a C (75%).

50-59% of completed assignments result in a D (60%) and 49% or less of completed assignments result in an F (50%).

Loera also said, “Online school has been pretty good, my motivation is not there to do it sometimes.”

Senior Evan Bromley also said he doesn’t have the motivation to complete his work.

“There has been an increase in work given to me and a decrease in my motivation to do it,” Bromley said.

Students are being considered to be present at school every day unless all their work is not turned in on Thursdays. If the work is not turned in, the students are considered absent for the whole week.

Keep up the good work BPHS. We will get through this!

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