Olivia Westphal’s pregame routine


Evan Manion

Liv Westphal dribbles the ball near midcourt.

Tommy DiRienzo, Staff Writer

Junior Olivia Westphal is a big reason why the Lady Hawks are 12-0 and at the top of the WPIAL 6A rankings. Westphal is one of the leading scorers, one of the top rebounders, and very active on the defensive end for the Hawks.

Westphal also boasts scholarship offers from over a dozen schools such as Duquense, Wichita State, and more with some Power 5 interest.

What some might not know is Westphal is superstitious, especially on game days. In fact, she follows a very strict gameday routine. If she veers from this schedule, she believes she will have bad luck.

Her gameday routine is as follows:

6:31 a.m.- Wake Up (Why 6:31? “I’m superstitious, man!”)

6:40 a.m.- Get out of bed

8 a.m.- First period: Journalism– Watch Film

1:40 p.m.- Go to Chipotle and get the Steak Bowl with white rice and lettuce, with a bag of chips

2:30 p.m.- Go back home and take a 46-minute nap (Yes, 46 minutes)

3:16 p.m.-  Wake up from nap. Then, she starts packing her bag up and getting ready for the game.

4 p.m.- Go to the gym to “get some shoots up.” Listens to her “hype playlist.”

She also tries to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.

Another superstition is that she always has tape on her ankle with the saying, God is greater than the highs and lows.

Look for Olivia Westphal on the court as she and her Lady Hawks teammates hope to keep up their tremendous season!

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