BPHS baseball team is lacking funds

Joey Cinello, Staff Writer

The Bethel Park baseball team has begun their off-season winter workouts, and that usually means the beginning of fundraising for the team. But this year, the team lacks active participants to raise money.

According to Boosters president Drew Fiorentini, the active participation of the parents and students is about 20%, and that is out of the 70 students trying out for the team.

Without funding from the district, it is vital that the players begin to participate in the fundraising, or the team will be missing out on essential items and upgrades.

Fundraising for the team is used for important items such as adding on to Purkey, new equipment/ equipment repairing, Senior Day, apparel, and much much more.

Students who are trying out will now need to start actively participating in the fundraising opportunities if they don’t want to miss out on all of the advantages.

The Booster’s board continues to stress to the students trying out that it is imperative that they begin to take an active role in the fundraising if they don’t want to miss out on all the advantages.

Although it may not be possible, it would be ideal for the district to chip in a little money to the program. If they could, students wouldn’t have to focus as much on fundraising, and they could focus more on baseball.

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