The Cleveland Cavaliers: contenders or pretenders?

Erik Drost via Flickr cc

Joey Cinello, Staff Writer

Irving, Love, and Lebron: that sounds like 60 wins, right? Or does it?

Last year, rumors started to swirl that Lebron could be returning home to Cleveland, and on July 12, it became official that he was coming home.

When the Cavs added Lebron, you had to believe that they became one of the dominant teams in the NBA, but they weren’t done making moves just yet. On August 23, 2014, the Cavs traded 2014 1st round pick Andrew Wiggins and 2013 1st round pick Anthony Bennett for 3x NBA all-star Kevin Love.

Once the Cavs made these major acquisitions, they instantly went from one of the laughing stocks of the league to a championship contender.

As of now, the Cavs are nine games deep into the season, and their record sits at 5-4. Does that sound like a superstar filled championship contender?

Not to mention, one of the Cavs’ losses includes a loss to the now 3-7 Nuggets. The game shouldn’t have even been close, but the Nuggets managed to pull out a 106- 97 win.

The Cavs continue to receive heat from the mainstream media, and I believe it’s undeserved.

The season is nine games deep, and it’s not like we are sitting in November, and the Cavs win percentage is barely over .500.

This team needs time to learn to mesh together; they all need to learn how to come together as one unit. They are so used to being “the guy” on their previous teams.

Also, the Cavs have some of the best complementary players in the league. Anderson Varejao, Dion Waiters, Shawn Marion, and company all are capable of being big time players, and they will just be looked on as role players. These players should also give the Cavs plenty of advantages over the competitors.

I strongly believe that once we reach all-star weekend, the Cavs will be sitting in 1st place of the Eastern Conference.