The solution for a struggling Steelers offense


All-Pro Reels from District of Columbia, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Then Carolina QB Cam Newton runs the ball in their game vs the Washington [Football Team] at Fedex Field. Oct. 14, 2018.

Matthew Scabilloni, Staff Writer

Ben Roethlisberger (Big Ben) takes the first-and-10, receives the snap, and drops back. The pocket collapses immediately. He tries to escape but isn’t quick enough, yielding a 6-yard loss. 

Big Ben takes the second-and-16 down, collects the snap, and hands the ball off to the only effective rusher Najee Harris for a 2-yard gain.

Big Ben takes the third-and-14 down, receives the snap, looks downfield, but doesn’t take the deep shot to Chase Claypool and takes the check down to Najee Harris instead for a 10-yard gain.

Now the Pittsburgh Steelers have a quick three and out and Pressly Harvin is out to punt for the fifth time this game.

Do you see what happens each week to the Steelers? We don’t have an efficient enough offense, and Big Ben is the main cause of that.

Big Ben doesn’t have the speed/agility, rushing upside, and confidence anymore.

He doesn’t show speed/agility because he can’t run outside of a collapsing pocket and look to run for a positive gain which you would like your starting QB to be able to do.

He doesn’t have the rushing upside, so every time the Steelers are in an obvious running situation, the other team knows Harris is gonna get the ball.

He doesn’t have the confidence because he doesn’t take the risks on the deep or medium passes as much as he used to which causes the Steelers to run more often in normal passing situations.

Someone who doesn’t have the same flaws as Big Ben is Cam Newton.

Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers celebrates on the sidelines during a game against the Washington [Football Team] on December 6, 2016. (original: Keith Allisonderivative: Diddykong1130, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons)
The former MVP Newton is currently a free agent after recently being released by New England.

The Steelers should take the “risk” on signing Newton.

This would turn the offense into more of a successful offense. Newton can do a lot of the things Big Ben struggles to do.

Newton has the speed/agility Big Ben doesn’t have, so he can escape a collapsing pocket a lot easier and run for positive yards after he escapes.

He also will make Harris a more effective runner because now there are multiple people the defense has to worry about as a rushing threat on obvious running downs.

He has the confidence Big Ben doesn’t seem to have because he didn’t seem as nearly afraid to throw the ball deep downfield when he was with New England last season.

It doesn’t seem likely the Steelers would really try this. Especially because it seems to be Big Ben’s last season as a Steeler and signing Newton would be a huge “slap in the face” to Big Ben because of all the things he did for the organization.

But who knows. Maybe the Steelers sign Newton to be our backup this season or they sign him as our “bridge” QB (QB who is a team’s QB for a season before drafting the next franchise QB) next season.