Baseball and softball fields should be turf


Evan Manion

The pitching mound at Purkey Field lies in focus while a messy infield is seen in the background on Wednesday, March 27, a day after rain.

Lauren Mullen, Social Media Editor

Springtime weather in Pittsburgh can be quite drizzly and very unpredictable, so to prevent missing any games, the baseball and softball fields should be turf. Throughout the month of April, about 1/3 of their games at home are canceled due to poor weather and bad field conditions. A simple solution to help the boys and girls play their games on time and at home is to make the fields turf.

Junior shortstop Anthony Chiccitt said, “Turf fields would be a great investment because we wouldn’t miss as many games, and all we want to do as players is to play baseball.”

When it comes to the boys, all they want to do is play, and when the weather takes it away from them, they want to do everything they can to fix it.

When asked if he feels that turf would solve the problem of missing many home games, pitcher Evan Bromley answered, “Yeah. We would have a lot less rain-outs.”

The girls team misses a lot of regular season games as well, but they only make up section games. So, throughout the year, they will only play the games that are necessary and basically little to no non-section games.

The girls feel the same way the boys do about playing, they hate missing games and not having the ability to make them up.

Sophomore second basemen Reagan Milliken said: “I would absolutely love turf fields. I feel that they would help us improve a lot because we wouldn’t be getting shorted out of the games that we are scheduled to play. All we want to do is to play games and win, and the weather and bad field conditions prevent us.”

When it comes to cost it would be high, but it would make up for the countless hours and money put into the maintenance of keeping the dirt fields.

Bromley said, “I would love a turf field so we won’t have to stay an extra 30-40 minutes after the game to fix the field.”

Both teams would love a turf field, but they would also love a fan base at their games! Go and show some school spirit and support them on their journey this season.