Pirates reunite with Liriano


Keith Allison

Francisco Liriano pitching for the Detroit Tigers in an away game.

Anastasia Williams, Staff Writer

Does the name Francisco Liriano sound familiar? Well, it should because he pitched for the Bucs during the years of 2013-2016.

On Monday, Feb. 4, the Pirates signed Liriano to a minor league deal for $1.8 million. He was also invited for the 2019 Spring Training.

If he produces good numbers in Spring Training, he may find himself in the Bucs bullpen in 2019. With the Pirates bullpen filling up quickly, Liriano will have to fight for the last few spots.

2013-2016 were prime years for the whole Pirates organization. In 2013, Liriano got the call to pitch the 2013 Wild Card game against Cincinnati in the Steel City. The Bucs came out on top and won 6-2. On top of that, Liriano went 7.0 innings only surrendering four hits. He also picked up the win, proving he was the best pitcher on the Pirates roster at the time.

In 2014, the Pirates had another solid season. They might not have made it to the playoffs, but they were above .500 with an 88-74 record. Liriano, that season, went 7-10 with a respectable 3.38 ERA.

In 2015, the Bucs had a great season. They went 98-64 and were second in the NL Central. Liriano had a huge impact on that season with a 12-7 record. Despite this amazing season, they were not able to make the playoffs.

In 2016, the Pirates had their first setback. They had a 78-83 record and for the first time in the last few years, they had a losing record. Liriano did not have the best season either. He had a record of 8-13.

During the 2016 season, the Pirates traded Liriano to the Toronto Blue Jays. From that season on, Liriano was in a downward spiral. He was bounced around from different teams and sustained a few injuries too. He settled in Detroit and had a 5-12 record in 2018. It seemed that his age was catching up with him.

We will have to wait and see until March 28, MLB’s opening day, if Liriano gets the call.

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