Career Spotlight: Fine Art/Teaching Art

Cameron Happe, Staff Writer

In room M429 on November 18, Peggi Habets came to BPHS to speak about Fine Art. Peggi is a Watercolor artist who makes 2D paintings.

There are certain skills you need if you want to go into Fine Art. You must be hardworking, self-motivated, organized, disciplined, and creative. Also, you must be able to plan ahead, promote yourself, speak and write well, live within your means, and work well with others.

Some of the upsides to being an artist are being your own boss, traveling, having a flexible schedule, and doing something different everyday. You even get to work in your pajamas!

There are different kinds of visual art other than the 2D paintings Habets does. There are 3D (ceramics, woodworking, sculpture, etc.), video, film, mixed media, photography, artisan and craft, jewelry and metalsmith, glass, fiberarts, weaving, quilting, clothing, and installation art.

Commissioned artwork and gallery sales are two different ways to make money. Commission portraits are when people ask you to paint a specific person and they pay you for it. A portrait can start at $1500 and it usually takes six months to finish one portrait.

Some artists go to college and some do not. If you want to go to college for Fine Art, make sure they have a good art program so you’re not wasting your money. If you don’t go to college, there are other things you can do to help, such as art classes and business classes. Whether you do or don’t attend college, it is helpful to find a mentor in your field.

If you are open minded, curious, and willing to try new things, Fine Art may be the career for you!

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