Career Spotlight: Broadcasting/ Reporting

On Tuesday, Nov. 25, KDKA’s Kym Gable visited BPHS to give some insight into the broadcasting/recording world.

She began her presentation by taking a group picture. Then, she told us a little about herself.

She is from Wheeling, WV. She wanted to stay close to home, so she moved to a small town in Ohio. She eventually moved back to her hometown, and now she lives in Pittsburgh with her family.

She showed the students videos of reporters starting off in the business. She also had the students try to read different stories. Students learned that a reporter needs to change their tone of voice for each story that they read. That is one of the hardest parts of being a reporter.

KDKA is the most viewed station in Pittsburgh, so Kym Gable is someone who is talented in broadcast journalism and was very insightful to aspiring reporters.

After the presentation, Hawk Eye journalist Kaitlyn Ellsworth interviewed Gable. The video is coming soon.

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