Student Spotlight: Collin McCormick


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Collin McCormick is this week’s Student Spotlight.

Nathan Yoder, Staff Writer

Collin McCormick is this week’s student spotlight. Collin is a senior at BPHS. You might know him from the musicals in past years, or you might know him from seeing that one tall guy in the hall. Collin is a leader on and off the stage. He is a part of Top 21 and has been in the program for many years. Collin will be going either to Youngstown State University or Duquesne University next year.


What is your favorite food?  Grilled Cheese

What’s your favorite color? Blue

If you were stuck on an island with one thing what would it be? My dog

Favorite sport? Volleyball

Favorite memory of high school? Performing in the musical sophomore and junior year

Least favorite part of high school? Math

Favorite teacher? Definitely Mr. Kuczawa