Student Spotlight: Max Radcliffe


Nathan Yoder, Staff Writer

Max Radcliffe is a junior at BPHS. You might see him walking down the halls singing. Maybe you’ll see him giggling to himself while walking. Wherever and whenever you see him, you’ll never see him in a bad mood. He spends most of his time playing lacrosse and hanging out with his friends. He enjoys long walks on the beach and long walks in South Park. Max is a perfect example of someone who looks at life in an optimistic way, and he is someone BPHS wants to be represented by.

Name: Max Radcliffe

Grade: 11

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Teacher: Mr. Allemang

Favorite Artist: The Kid Laroi

What’s the first thing you do in the morning: Wake up

Any Activities: Lacrosse, painting, and golfs on the weekend

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite School Memory: Ghoulfest Freshman year

If you could be one student in the school for a day, who would it be: Dolan Waldo

Do you have any siblings: two siblings

What’s your favorite show on Netflix: “The Office”