Mobile Game Reviews: 2048


Cameron Happe and Kayte Zeiler

Many people have heard of and played the game 2048. It reached its peak in 2014, but now, its coming back stronger than ever.

2048 was created in March of 2014 by a 19-year-old Italian web developer Gabriele Cirulli. It’s a single player game in which the objective is to slide number tiles on a grid to combine them and get the number 2048. HENCE its name.

Wall street journal described the game as, “almost like candy crush for math geeks.”

“I honestly think it’s the best game of the century and it’s better than Monopoly. 2048 is a game of challenge, and I feel fulfilled in my life when I get 2048,” Zoe Zilcosky said.

The graphics in this game are an A+. The blocks slide with ease and combine as cool as a cucumber.

The game is free on the App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android. Once you start playing this game, you will never stop.