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Kayte Zeiler


Who's that girl that loves baby animals and Pharell the musician? That's Kayte Zeiler, a junior at Bethel Park High School.

Kayte Zeiler is an athletic girl, being on the varsity lacrosse team and the varsity volleyball team for her second year. Her tall height of 5'9 makes her stand out from the other 10th grade ladies.

When you see Kayte in the halls of BPHS, the first thing you'll notice about her are her wild socks. Everyday you'll see her in a different pair. Where does she find her crazy socks? She said, "I don't find them, they find me."

In her free time, Kayte likes to watch Netflix on her phone. A few shows she likes to watch are "House," "American Horror Story," and "Bob's Burgers." While Kayte watches her favorite shows, she enjoys eating sushi. When she's not watching Netflix, she's jamming out to her favorite artists such as Yeezus, Childish Gambino, Schoolboy Q, Asher Roth, Mac Miller, Nicki Minaj, Shakira, and the rap group Odd Future. Kayte said, "White on the outside, black at heart," as she described her music taste/life.

Kayte joined Hawk Eye because her older sister, Olivia, took this elective and said it was a good experience. She also joined because she wanted to become more involved at BPHS. Kayte hopes to create a horoscope section in Hawk Eye.

As far as Kayte's plans post high school, she said, "I want to be a rapper, but if that doesn't work I plan on maybe going to college." If you hear a hit single by KZIZZY KEEZUS, you'll know she made it.

Written by: Cameron Happe, Staff Writer

Kayte Zeiler, Staff Writer

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Kayte Zeiler