Mobile Game Reviews: aa

Russell Finelsen, Staff Writer, Assistant Editor, Sports Editor

It has been a month since I have written one of these mobile game reviews. And, you might have gotten bored of the previous games I have written about. Well, here is a brand new game that you might be interested in.

This review is on the all-new game, aa. Like the previous three games, I will judge this game based on its overall play, achievements, price, graphics and movement, and addiction rating. The game will receive a letter grade for each category and an overall numerical rating at the end.

1. Overall Play: No, this game is not a type of lava movement. And no, this game is also not a page from an alphabet book. The game’s name is really aa, and if you want to know why, you should contact General Adaptive Apps Pty Ltd in Queensland, Australia at [email protected]

Updated on February 25 of this year, this game is new for the world, but has almost 10 million downloads. The purpose of the game is to get all the numbers onto the spinning center circle. Attached to these spinning circles, though, are poles already programmed in. If you get all the numbers in the center circle without any number touching anything else, you advance to the next level. However, if a number touches an unmarked pole or another pole that is already attached to the circle, you fail the level, and you have to do it all over again.

There are many things that make this game difficult. The amount of numbers needed to be in the center circle can change from one level to the next. Also changing as you progress through the game is the speed and direction the circle spins. Every level is challenging, especially when you get to the last level of the game, number 725 (or maybe 740…I lost count).

There is really nothing wrong with this game in the overall play other than its difficulty, which is to be expected. However, as we progress down my list, a few red flags might pop up.

Grade: A

2. Achievements: There are no achievements in this game. You either pass the level or not, and that is it. Without these achievements, if you do not pass a specific level, it gets pretty boring.

Grade: F

3. Price: Price is great for this game. The game itself is free. And, the most expensive purchase is $4.15. you can pay this to unlock all the levels in the game. Or, you can pay a measly 99 cents to unlock a specific level or to get rid of the advertisements on the game. Pricewise, this is the game for you.

Grade: A+

4. Graphics and Movement: This is another good aspect for the game. Graphics are good, and you can easily see the poles, numbers, and the circle.

Movement is good overall, but has its negatives. Sometimes, the pole touches the circle a second after you touch the screen, which causes you to lose. Other times, you touch the play button for the next level, and it automatically puts the number on the circle in super quick speed. Even with these problems, movement is very good.

Grade: A-

5. Addiction Rating: This game is very addicting. It could even be more addicting than Crossy Road, which I reviewed earlier this year. This game is very compelling, and it almost makes you retry each level until you pass it. Due to this, the game fails based on its addiction rating.

Grade: F

Overall grade: 87/100

This game is good from the overall play and price to graphics and movement. If you can overlook being addicted and not earning achievements, this is a good game for you.