Hawk pride needs some pep


Mikaela Narr

Freshmen are pumped for the September (Homecoming) Spirit Assembly.

Parker Loera, Sports Editor

The school spirit at BPHS is not where it needs to be.

For example, the hype for sporting events is not there. You do not see pep rallies or students sections traveling by the masses. If you bring your cheers and excitement to games, matches, and school, the people around you feed off of that energy. You would bring out the best in the athletes, students, teachers. parents, grandparents, and many, many more.

“Bethel Park needs to step up their game in the school spirit department. I have been to schools where athletes have their own student sections. The atmospheres are exhilarating,” said English teacher Mr. Allemang.

“Sporting events are a good time, so I do not see why you would not want to go,” BPHS junior and athlete Anthony Chiccitt said.

High school spirit makes going to school and playing in your games or matches more enjoyable than it already is.

More people need to get involved in the school. It can start with better advertising of certain events (school and sports wise) going on. We can use different resources like the newspaper, morning news, social media, and many more to let people know what is going on around the school.

We can also increase school spirit by just improving our attitudes in school. If you walk around with no emotions, and you do not look like you want to be there, how does that make it a good environment?

This is not directed just at students but at Bethel Park as a whole. Teachers and other residents can help contribute to improving Hawk pride. They can help get us involved in school-wide and community-wide events.

Overall, the pride of BPHS can improve greatly, but one person cannot do it alone. If a mass of people gets involved, then more and more people will join, which would be very exciting.