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Nick Carbone

Nick Carbone, Staff Writer

Some people don’t like the rise and grind lifestyle, but for Nick Carbone, that’s all he knows.

Carbone is a junior here at BPHS and plays left-back for the boys varsity soccer team.

He has always dreamt about taking journalism. 

“I wanted to be with my friends and connect with the people,” Carbone said.

Although this is his first time writing for the paper, Carbone asserted,  “I'll bring the hardest work you’ll ever see.”

Confidence is key for the Hawk Eye paper.

Without question, Carbone would love to write about sports for the paper.

Carbone wants to go to college, but he hasn’t made up his mind about what to go for.

When asked what his superpower would be, he said, “I would want to fly.”

Carbone’s dream vacation would be to go to England and experience the way of life in a whole new light.  Nick mentioned that his ideal date would be a lovely dinner with his soulmate.

Obviously, Nick Carbone is a hard worker who strives for greatness all while being a great person to be around, which is why he makes such a great addition to the paper.


Written by: Max Radcliffe, Staff Writer

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Nick Carbone