Pac-12 announces resumption of football


Image by Kim Heimbuch from Pixabay

The Pac-12 emblem on the turf of the Rose Bowl at UCLA.

Nick Carbone, Staff Writer

The Pac-12 announced on Sept. 24 that the conference will resume its football season. They will play a seven-game schedule starting in November, and they will play at their home stadium.

The Aug. 11 decision of the Pac-12 CEO group to postpone sports was based on three concerns cited by the Medical Advisory Committee: consistent testing capabilities across all Pac-12 universities, the prevalence of the virus in Pac-12 communities and across the nation, and concerns related to possible cardiac failures associated with COVID-19.

Athletes were very upset when they heard the news. Players made protests to the Pac-12 Board, and the Board finally listened to them. The first Pac-12 football game will be played on Nov. 7 this year.

College football players will get a PCR test at least once a week. The league wants to make sure everyone is safe and healthy before they get on the field. If one person on a team has COVID-19, the whole team will get shut down. Pac-12 just wants to make sure everyone is healthy to start the football season.

No fans will be permitted at any sporting competition taking place on Pac-12 campuses. This will be revisited in January, but as of now, no fans will be allowed at football games.

The players will be starting practice this week in order to be ready for the seven games this season. The Pac-12 championship will be held on Dec. 18, enabling Pac-12 teams to be considered for selection by the CFP. The Pac-12 will not be doing non-conference games. Each conference will worry about their specific conference until further notice.

The football schedule will be released throughout this week. Teams are starting their training all throughout October to get ready for the football season starting in November. The players are very excited to get this season on the way.

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