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Leslie Folino, Staff Writer

Most people spend their time hanging out with their friends and going to the movies. But not Leslie Folino.

Leslie is a very shy girl who keeps to herself most of the time. But when she feels comfortable she loves to read, listen to music, and sometimes enjoys writing short stories.

In writing, she believes that she does best with subjective as opposed to objective. Leslie may not say a whole bunch, but she says it all in her works. She lets people know her opinion on different topics. One of those topics is about her belief of equality.

"The world should be equal, and every single person should have the same rights and opportunities as the other," she said.

By taking this class, Leslie hopes that she can share her stories and express her feelings fluently with other people. Leslie enjoys getting feedback on her work so she can learn if she has anymore strengths or weaknesses. But one of those weaknesses that she needs work on is public speaking. Leslie gets nervous when in front of a big crowd, and would rather speak in front of a little group of friends.

Leslie also has the struggle of getting song lyrics stuck in her head. Since Leslie enjoys listening to music, and does it everyday, she gets a lot of great ideas of what to write about next. But she finds it really difficult to not copy and write the lyrics of song that are in her head.

To get that specific song out of her head, Leslie draws things. Her drawings are not very specific. They could be doodles, paintings, and even detailed drawings. Leslie loves to find different ways to show what she is feeling. Those ways of creativity use her imagination in different ways than she ever thought. It also helps rid her head of whatever ideas may be in it.

Leslie is a very creative and artistic writer that believes she can accomplish a lot in this class. With her exquisite imagination and creative ideas, she can help spark the creative flare that is needed to persevere in this Journalism class.


Written by: Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

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Leslie Folino