Bethesda releases Fallout 4 DLC

Leslie Folino, Staff Writer

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Fallout 4 has been a big hit, selling 12 million copies worth $750 million during the launch of the game. The first DLC to Fallout 4 was released March 22.

The DLC, called Automatron, starts off when the player answers a distress call which will lead to the player meeting a new robotic companion, Ada. From there, the player can MOD her to his/her liking or create a new robot to serve as a companion.

In addition to the different questline compared to the main plot, Automatron adds new gear, armor sets, weapons, enemies, and companions. Two new dungeon areas are available, the first of the two houses a new raider faction whose story players can explore.

The new DLC is available for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.