Snubs for the PIHL All-Star team

Russell Finelsen, Staff Writer, Assistant Editor, Sports Editor

Recently, the All-Star team’s roster was chosen, and five players from Bethel Park were chosen. This list includes Tyler Kruszewski, Louie McLinden, Jacob Mueser, Tre Lowe, and Antonio Esposito. However, I thought there were other players from BPHS that were worthy of All-Star status. Here they are, with their stats throughout the season this year.

1. Andrew Bello: Forward. After the State College game, Bello had 21 points, second on the team. This includes nine goals and twelve assists. In addition, he has four power-play goals and three game-winning goals. This brings his average points per game to 1.05, also second on the team. It was surprising that he was not selected, as he is an integral part to this team’s offense.

2. Jason Bauer: Forward. Bauer has 11 points this season: four goals and seven assists. However, two of those goals won games, and another was when BP was down a man due to penalties. Bauer does not have many goals, but he has scored when it has mattered. Therefore, he should be an All-Star.

3. Ethan Wdowiak: Forward. Wdowiak is tied with Spencer Bawcom as the forwards with the least penalty minutes, with two each. Wdowiak has five goals and four assists this season. Of these goals, he has a power play goal and, like Bauer, a short-handed goal. He is very important to this team’s offense.

4. Evan Oakley: Defenseman. Oakley is a great running mate with fellow defenseman Jacob Mueser, who was selected for the All-Star team. He has three assists this season, and has only spent two minutes on the penalty bench. He is difficult for opposing teams, who look for a weakness but come up empty handed. He is very important for BP, and should be an All-Star.

Even though these players were not selected for the All-Star team, they are All-Star quality in my book.